Resting in the wild Characteristics of Life

Resting in the wild Characteristics of Life

Resting in the wild Characteristics of Life

So much of our days and nights are filled up with an underlying feeling of difficulty:

  •     Procrastinating when things seem difficult or overwhelming
  •     Distracting ourselves and doing small tasks
  •     Sense like we’re doing things wrong, and searching for the right answers
  •     Looking to get things in order when they feel chaotic
  •     Endeavoring to comfort ourselves when we feel fatigued or stressed

And many more examples, I can’t even list them all. Underneath the majority of things we do is a sense that we should be doing more, that people should be doing things in different ways, that we don’t want to be doing might know about be doing, that we’re faltering in small ways.

It’s stress, fret, anxiety, irritation, dissatisfaction.

But it’s all unnecessary. We can come to relax in the essential, open nature of our lives.

Why We Feel Stress & Anxiety

The thing that we don’t like is the fact that everything feels unstable. Everything seems uncertain, shifting, not sturdy. Everything feels unsettled. And this is completely true, and it does make us feel nervous, upset, dissatisfied. We do not like the unsettled dynamics of life.

We wish certainty, control, plans, a system. Order. Sadly, we do not get that, because that’s not how life works.

Life is unsettled, always moving, like the waters of the wide open ocean. And that is both scary and beautiful.

Scary because we want to order and want to know how things will turn out, and we don’t get that, not even a little bit.

But beautiful because open up waters are smooth, not fixed. Surprising, not boring. Completely undetermined, this means much amazingness can emerge.

Coming to Rest

Life’s basic characteristics are to be open and smooth, like the blue sky. We are able to either try to box in the blue sky, or we can rest in its openness.

Imagine if you can learn to relax in the open, fluid characteristics of life — you’d no longer need to get everything in order. You could learn to rely on life, be less anxious or bothered, find beauty in each wide open moment.

It’s possible if you practice mindfulness.

Try this:

Notice the sensations of this moment. Place your attention on the way your system feels. Over the light and colors of the area. On sounds throughout you. Without common sense, without having to reject any particular discomfort, just soak them in. Stay with these sensations for minutes.

Observe that life is open, fluid, shifting. Nothing at all stays on the same. There is nothing fixed. We are able to try to create order by creating thoughts about things, a narrative, a mental construct about the reality around us. However, in truth, life doesn’t need order. It is inherently shifting, open, powerful. Just notice this fluid nature of all that surrounds you-you need to include yourself for the reason that.

Allow your mind to come quickly to rest. If you don’t reject things, don’t cling to anybody discomfort, just allow feelings to come quickly to you, one moment after another … it is possible to just come to relax with the available characteristics of the feelings in this second. Just rest in the great openness of as soon as.

It can take some practice, as it’s easy to have your mind be very active, or reject certain parts of the knowledge, or get swept up in a string of thoughts. That’s Okay. Just notice that happening, and consider this as a part of the experience. Just keep doing.

In the event that you do end up able to rest in the openness, this is something you can access anytime. Notice yourself sense uncertainty, notice yourself getting excited about the instability of life … and then come to rest in the wild nature of the moment, finding rely upon it. I wish you nothing significantly less than the deliciousness of this experience.

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